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... [Apr. 25th, 2007|11:55 pm]
“It’s a glorified welfare project,” said Sea Shepherd Captain Alex Cornelissen. “These sealers live on hand-outs from the government and they just simply don’t have the initiative to get an education and to find an alternative job. The government finds them markets for their obscene products, the government breaks the ice for them to kill the seals, the government intervenes to prevent protestors from documenting the slaughter, and the government rescues them when they get in trouble. They are like little boys torturing animals with encouragement from their parents. With continued government hand-outs they have little motivation to get a real job and to make a decent living.”

-some sea shepherd Captain...not Paul Watson this time (ahahaha, so I don't bother getting his name. Whatever, it's the words that matter...ahahaha!)